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quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013

Rude Party - Programa 07 - 17/02/12

1ª hora 
01.Trouble in the East Side - 8º6 Crew (FRA)
02.Thirty Eight - Buster Shuffle (GB)
03.Operazione Sole - Arpioni (ITA)
                                                                               04.El Monstruo - Sin Sospechas (VEN)
05.Watch Your Back - Kingpins (The) (CAN)
06.Gorbatchov's Dance - Fun Republic (GER)
07.Hush Up - King Konqueror (CAN)
08.Suppe - Hopalong Knut (NOR)
09.Falta Algo Por Cambiar - Korto Circuito (MEX)
10.Smiles In December - Bergona Bang-Matu (ESP)
11.Guns of Navarone - Skarlatines (ESP)
12.Brutah Ska - Heatskores (The) (CAN)
13.Un Altra ITA - Persiana Jones (ITA)
14.Kablys - Dr. Green (EUA)
15.Sombrero Club - Bergona Bang-Matu (ESP)
16.Despatriado - Korto Circuito (MEX)
17.Me And You - Afterbeat (The) (CAN)
18.Disco - Discoballs (CZE)

2ª hora 
01.Boycottez! - Skawoda (CAN)
02.Mesci do' Tazz' e Rulla Nu Truzz - Gasparazzo (ITA)
03.Chromatic Jobbie (The Righteous Rantings Of Arnie Blunt) - Dr. Skankworthy (CAN)
04.Our Night Out - Buster Shuffle (GB)
05.0Hana - Chinkees (The) (EUA)
06.Too Strong - 8º6 Crew (FRA)
07.Cycle - Flashlight (CAN)
08.Two Tone Skuds Theme - Two Tone Skuds (CAN)
09.O, Neure Eddi - Skalariak (ESP)
10.Rude Girls Club - Bustops (The) (CAN)
11.Chocolate Factory - Spinecracker (CAN)
12.Welcome To The Party - Fun Republic (GER)
13.Ma Mi - Arpioni (ITA)
14.Russian Cow - Stan & Itchy (SUI)
15.Baby's Getting Busted - Mad Bomber Society (CAN)
16.One More Chance - Alpha Boy School (CAN)
17.Bed Time Story - Discoballs (CZE)
18.Set Things In Morion - Patchanka (DIN)

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